There are currently five Famille Lesgourgues properties. Four are full properties of the family and for the fifth one, the Lesgourgues Family has a total control on the vineyard, the winemaking and the distribution. All five are located in Bordeaux and South West France.

Château de Laubade

Since its acquisition in 1974, the Lesgourgues Family has made Château de Laubade a benchmark for the Armagnac appellation.

Château Haut Selve

Château Haut Selve is the result of Jean-Jacques Lesgourgues’ ambition to create a 112-acre vineyard from scratch over the land of a prestigious XIX century property where vines used to grow 120 years ago.

Château Le Bonnat

Located in the heart of the Graves Appellation, Chateau Le Bonnat was originally operated by Chateau Fieuzal. The Lesgourgues Family made the acquisition of the property in 1991.

Château Loumelat

Untouched by the passing of time and listed on the UNESCO world heritage sites, Blaye is a unique site where Art and History meet.

Château Peyros

Madiran vineyards are located in the Haut Béarn region, in the heart of the Vic Bilh, “old country” in the local dialect.