The family

The Famille Lesgourgues company was born in 1974. Today, following Maurice and then Jean-Jacques Lesgourgues, the third generation manages the group which is considered to be a recognized player in the production and the distribution of premium wines and spirits worldwide.

The values that guide the company everyday are : Tradition, Innovation and Beauty.

Famille Lesgourgues is part of the prestigious and dynamic club Vignobles & Signatures, which is composed of 17 of the French most remarkable vintners and distillers

De gauche à droite, Denis, Jeanne, Jean-Jacques, Marie-Clotilde, Arnaud et Emmanuel Lesgourgues


There are currently five Famille Lesgourgues properties. Four are full properties of the family and for the fifth one, the Lesgourgues Family has a total control on the vineyard, the winemaking and the distribution. All five are located in Bordeaux and South West France.


Maison Léda

Maison Léda is an independent family owned company specialized in the distribution of premium French wines and spirits.

Baron Francois

Baron Francois Ltd was founded in 1982 by M. Adrien Baron and is an affiliate of Famille Lesgourgues since the Lesgourgues family took over in 2000.


The Lesgourgues Family cultivates a very strong passion for contemporary art. Her commitment to contemporary art is embodied by the word "Beauty" which is one of the values of the company. The Family shares this passion with its ecosystem: employees, customers, suppliers, partners.